RICH REVIEWS: Watchers in the Night

watchers-in-the-nightTitle: Watchers in the Night
Publisher: Pilot Studios
Plot by: Jason Kimble and Jay Huwer
Script by: Jay Huwer
Art and Colors by: Jason Kimble
Letters by: Micah Myers
The Parliament Created by: Jay Huwer and Jason Kimble
The Carriers Created by: Ben Ferrari and Erica J. Heflin
Cover by: Jason Kimble with Ken Lateer
Back Cover by: Ariana Kimble
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The scenes from the Watchmen one of the if not the greatest comic series does get your attention. Pigeons watching the movie though now that is different. You have to see the uniforms and armor and weapons on these birds.
The pigeons as they fly are illustrated gracefully. The colors on them are bright and beautiful. There are not only pigeons but also hawks and owls. Each bird is given a distinct personality.
The owls and hawks are at war and the pigeons are the peacemakers. The owls we see are blood thirsty.
The pigeons and owls get into a battle over who is right in how the city should be protected.
The carrier pigeons are a personable group. They are not the strongest or most powerful but they do keep going. They stand by their morals.
This is a good issue to introduce you to the characters. You star

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