RICH REVIEWS: Wailing Blade # 1

Title: Wailing Blade # 1
Publisher: Comix Tribe
Writer: Rich Douek
Artist/Cover: Joe Mulvey
Colors: Christopher Sotomayor, Jules Rivera
Letters: Taylor Esposito
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Headtaker comes to town. He is an imposing sight and the Wailing Blade he carries is a huge weapon of power.  He is an executioner. He is the Headtaker. As he swings his blade it wails making a sound. A person also loses their head. The illustrations makes him look powerful and strong. He is someone to be feared.
Wind Cleavers attack a carriage. They appear to be some kind of rebels.
The giant bees they use are wonderfully illustrated.
We do see the Headtaker and the wailing blade he wields but nothing really is learned about him. Who is he? Why is he an executioner?
Who is the Tyrant that rules in this era?
A girl seeks justice but does the Headtaker only deliver vengeance?
The Head Taker does not seem overly bright. He follows the Tyrant’s rules but does think for himself. Does he have to as he
The art is gorgeous on this killer Headtaker. The rest of the art is done good enough but nothing stands out about it. The opening scene of this guy walking into the city is stunning.
The Wailing Blade is a futuristic fantasy sword swinging story with gorgeous visuals.

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