RICH REVIEWS: Vincent Book Three: How To Be Happy

Title: Vincent Book Three: How To Be Happy (GN)
Publisher: Super Genius/Papercutz
Creator/Writer/Artist: Vitor Cafaggi
Translation/Lettering/Editing/Design: Jeff Whitman
Price: $10.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: Vincent is thinking a lot about Luna his possible girlfriend. Vincent is a likable guy. Now Vincent being so young love to him is new and it gives his life ups and downs. When he feels loved he is on top of the world. Things do not stay all happy for Vincent as Luna causes him to doubt her commitment to him.
Vincent’s friends are all role players and they love having him with them. Which at times leaves Vincent to decide between them and Luna. Luna though basically stops seeing Vincent so he finds another girl, Cindy.
Vincent and Cindy do start getting along really well and talking a lot. Vincent is already in love with her he falls so easily. Cindy is different as she is going slow while all Vincent can think about is her and getting to kiss him. He is obsessed with it. Which is understandable.
Vincent wears his heart on his sleeve and there it can so easily be broken. Poor Vincent. He is such a wonderful guy and he does deserve a loving girlfriend.
Vincent does grow and mature he finally realizes that having a girlfriend is not what makes him. He also has a friend Bu who is always there for him. Such friendship is great to see.
Vincent does move on with his life as all people do. As he does so you will find yourself wishing him the best and hoping that one day soon he does find true love for anyone who deserves it and can return it is Vincent.

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