RICH REVIEWS: Vampire Hunter D: Message

5524f5ff-d225-40e7-b031-0c87e8bda3cc-3014-000003dfb1ecc434_tmpTitle: Vampire Hunter D: Message from Mars # 1
Publisher: Stranger Comics
Story: Hideyuki kikuchi
Writer: Brandon Easton
Artist: Michael Broussard
Background Artist: Sheldon Mitchell
Character Design: Yosh itaka Amano
Lettering and Design: A Larger World Studio
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: out of 5 stars
Comments: The action starts off right away and the fight is fast and hard. D has style as he fights a vampire. The art does show off the characters great.
There is an interlude about a woman and a man who do love each othe. He has to leave her though. The space ships are illustrated amazingly. It is not said though how this fits into the story of D and him fighting vampires.
The vampires are illustrated in a variety of body types.
As D fights all these vampires watching him do so is like a ballet of death.
We do see how that man Franz and the woman Cecile tie in with the vampires.
D is a stunning character that has style and grace. This half breed is the scurge of vampires everywhere. He strikes fear into his prey.

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