RICH REVIEWS: Vampblade Season 2 # 11

Title: Vampblade Season 2 # 11
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Created & Written by: Jason Martin
Artwork by: Marco Maccagni
Colored by: Marcelo Costa
Lettered by: Adan Wollet
Cover: Winston Young
Variant Covers: Jason Federhenn, Dan Mendoza
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: As Vampblade battles the huge alien vampires she finds herself on the losing end of things. Then something really weird happens. The Intergalactic League of Vampblades arrives to help. They just appear out of nowhere. They want to see the Earth’s Vampblade step it up.
Vampblade plus all the other vamplades must stop the Glarkian Death Squad which we have not seen all of yet. The Vampblade’s all five of them to get their butts shown off as they join up and go off to war. The new arrivals do all have more experience which they think makes them better than.
The girls all do manage to work together it is just they do not seem to want to. Then we see the World Breaker this thing is the bigger Glarkian yet. It is all blades and fangs and drawn as a menace you would never want to face.
For an all-out alien invasion of the planet Earth, there could have been a lot more action. Plus the Vampblades all five of them needed to be shown in better poses. Action poses as they fought the aliens was needed.
Katie is caught up in it all and for a girl, just a comic shop owner of seventeen is doing a wonderful job of accepting everything going on around her. She is shown to have what it takes to be a hero.

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