RICH REVIEWS: Vampblade Season 2 # 10

Title: Vampblade Season 2 # 10
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Created & Written by: Jason Martin
Artwork by: Marco Maccagni
Colored by: Marcelo Costa
Lettered by: Adam Wollet
Cover A-B: Winston Young
Cover C-D: Mark Whitaker
Cover E-F: Danielle Gransaull
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Detroit is being invaded my aliens. Pink and purple colored ones that are illustrated beautifully. The huge one is destroying the city. The smaller ones Katie is dealing with one on one.
Katie’s costume and the blades want to just feed. While Katie does not want to kill. Katie also does not want to battle the huge aliens only the small regular sized ones.
The art is unique illustrating Katie as Vampblade the colors are amazingly well done. The poses though could use work. She is drawn in poses that just have her standing there.
Lots of swearing in this issue.
Katie is unsure what to do. She can fight or run or maybe both. She never wanted to be a hero, all she wanted was to be a geek girl running a comic book store. Now the fate of the world may hang on what she does. Lots of excitement is building here. Where will it go next?

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