RICH REVIEWS: Unikorn Volume 1

Title: Unikorn Volume 1
Publisher: Scout Comics
Created and Written by: Don Handfield and Joshua Malkin
Artist: Rafael Loureiro
Letterer: DC Hopkins
Colorists: Dijjo Lima, Daniel Da Silva, Rodrigues
Cover Artist: Nicholas Ely
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: A daughter Mae and father Jake are shown dealing with the loss of their mother and wife. Mae is starting to learn more about her mother and this just raises more questions plus a horse with a mystery about it.
Mae finds a book that seems to have some answers in it. Mae has a fierce attitude and she is also full of love.
Mae does get Percy the horse/unikorn and she must go through a lot to keep him. Also, a mysterious stranger comes to town wanting Percy as well. Owning an animal can be a lot of responsibility and Mae may be up to it yet forces are working against her.
It is a wonderful thing seeing the bond of love grow between Mae and her unikorn. Mae as well in beginning to understand the thoughts of this unikorn. You get to learn all kinds of interesting facts about unikorns or at least this one.
Mae does get involved in an adventure as things are going against her. She never gives up though and the magic starts to happen all around her. The magic of her love for her deceased mom and for Percy.
This comic delivers as things get really emotional. Mae and her father Jake both remember her mom and his wife. She was one of a kind. She loved them both so much. The build-up to this is perfectly done. You will be overwhelmed by the hard-hitting emotional burst of feeling.
As things come to a head the magic is in the air and a unicorn runs free. Mae and Percy face all the odds and keep going.
Why are all the pin-ups of Percy have him colored as a white unicorn and not black as he is in the story?
This book is a magical read that will pull you in and make you part of the magic.

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