RICH REVIEWS: Twilight Grimm # 2

Title: Twilight Grimm # 2 (Flip Book)
Publisher: Silverline
Writer: R. A. Jones
Artist: Rob Davis
Colorist: Mickey Clausen
Letterer: Mike W. Belcher
Price: $ 8. 00 US (digital), $ 20.00 US (printed)
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Twilight Grimm and Scarlet are two beings in a war between humans and vampires. Twilight and Scarlet do have a  somewhat tenuous relationship going on.
In Hallowed Heights there exists a wall. The town is divided between humans and vampires and they have a truce.
The Reverend tells us how he and Twilight Grimm first met. He was fighting vampires even then. Grimm is a grim person. He is dedicated to killing vampires well most of them.
Grimm is being chased by several beautiful women. Yet he spurns them all. He is a fighter and good at it.
The characters are good enough to pique your interest in them just they need more fleshing out. You need to know more about them to care more about them.
The art does try to show off the ladies in a sexy sensual way which falls a little short.
Fanged blood-sucking vampires are the best kind and you get them here. Grimm well he is the one who hates vampires in general yet will work to keep the peace between them and humans.
Grim is a grim person.

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