RICH REVIEWS: Twelve Devils Dancing #1

Title: Twelve Devils Dancing #1
Publisher: Action Lab Comics
Written by: Erica Schultz
Art by: Dave Acosta
Colors by: Andrew Covalt
Letters by: Cardinal Rae
Chapter 1 cover by” Kelly Williams
Chapter 1 SDCC cover by: JK Woodward
Chapter 2 cover by: Maria Laura Sanapo and Jason Lewis
Chapter 3 cover by: Adriana Melo
Price: $ 5.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Warning: This book contains strong language, nudity, and violence against women and children.” 
This comic is three comics in one at 66 pages long.
 Chapter One. We do get a look at the life of FBI Special Agent Callum Cooper aka Callum Mitchell in flash backs. Each flashback is short and each one shows you an important part of his life.
The Crypto-Killer is FBI Special Agent Callum Cooper obsession. He meets a woman who just might help him. The Crypto-Killer and Agent Cullum do play a game of cat and mouse. Or more like cat and cat.
Chapter Two. Aisha is highly intelligent. Love though can make a smart person act really stupid. Aisha and Coop do team up against the Crypto-Killer. So the smartest person in the room and a retired FBI agent are shown clicking as partners. The Crypto-Killer is still on the loose and still killing as he taunts Coop.
The Crypto-Killer fancies himself an artist. As you see him at work you know he is one sick individual.
 Chapter Three.  Some background stories are going on. They do flesh out the main story.  This chapter gives you a pretty good clue as to who the Crypto-Killer really is. The close-up shot of the Crypto-Killer is a scary sight. You know you’re looking at evil.
This does play out like a movie or TV series. The horror does build and you will want more.

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