RICH REVIEWS: Trumps book 1

Title: Trumps book 1
Publisher: Silverline
Writer/Creator: Roland Mann
Pencilers: Anthony Pereira, Thomas Hedglen
Inker: Thomas Florimonte
Colorist: Sid Venblu
Letterer: Brian Dale
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: On the world called The Deck there are warring factions that match up with the four suits of playing cards. The art is beautifully presented. The court has intrigue. The characters are presented in a wonderful fashion and you get to learn something about each fast.
With the hearts and diamonds, and especially talking about Jack, does not differentiate between them enough, making it really hard to follow which one is which. It is easy when they are in the panel yet not so easy when they are just being talked about.
The Main Joker’s Keep is neutral ground in this war of suits. The suit that wins each war is called the Trumps.
The Aces are the most powerful. Here we see the Ace of Clubs enter the war and he is a game-changer.
The art looks great throughout the issue. The character’s facial expressions are all well drawn. The story needs more focus to make it easier to follow what is going on and why, plus why people are doing what they are doing. The characters being named after cards is fine, yet you still need to get into who they are and why they are doing what they are doing. Their emotions and backgrounds. Why should the reader care about them and who wins?
The Ace of Clubs is drawn so powerfully looking and he is full of authority as he issues his degree it is wonderful to see.

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