RICH REVIEWS: Trumpocalypse Now Vol. 1: The Great American Roadtrip

Title: Trumpocalypse Now Vol. 1: The Great American Roadtrip
Publisher: Markosia
Story & Art by: Mike Gagnon
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Website: ,
Comments: 2023 someone has attacked America and will again. Who will save us?
The background visuals are stunning. Trump is illustrated like Trump, Barack is shown as a younger version of himself. The weapons look realistic.
Donald Trump and Barack Obama meet up. America is over run with zombies and only Donald can save us all. Donald is portrayed as such a sleaze bag. Why does Barack need Trump?
The adventure is off to a good start here. Can two former Presidents fight off zombies and save America?
Former U.S. Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama continue on their journey. These are two of the must unlikely people you would expect to ever see teamed up. It looks like they are getting another member Hillary Clinton.
Next why not add one more to their party to save America. Not much is said about the zombies that were created when America was nuked. You rarely see them to.
The three travelers are in a restaurant called the Landing Strip and it there is some fun to this part as Trump has fun there.
The characters are well illustrated. Trump is illustrated as a fool like he is in real life. Which is wonderful to see.
Former U.S. Presidents Donald Trump and Barack Obama along with Bill and Hillary Clinton. Hillary does come packing. Hillary is not used much yet she is the only one that comes across as sane. What is Barack’s mission for these people? How does he plan to save America? Other than just wondering around it.
The music box music is unexpected.
The backgrounds are very realistic.
Donald faces off against a creature for a few seconds. The creature is actually slightly scary.
The Canadian border is the final destination here. What will they do there?
Tune in next Vol. to find out. Who knows what Trump will do next.

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