RICH REVIEWS: True Patriot Presents # 7

Title: True Patriot Presents # 7
Publisher: Chapter House Comics
Writers: Fred Kennedy, Scott Chantler, Jack Briglio, J. Torres
Artists: Dave Bishop, Scott Chantler, Hugh Rookwood, Tim Levins & Dan Davis
Colours: Chozen, Dave McCaig
Letters: Marvin S. Mariano, Sal Cipriano
Cover Art by: Jay Stephens
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Tales from the Pond: Part 4”  Crude is nicely designed. He has a simple yet effective look.  Crude is a girl or was. The story basically has Crude and a girl with her on the run. Not a lot is said about exactly what is going on. The art, for the most part, is simple with no frills.
“Atomic Nazi Fortress of Doom EP.: Sentinel of Steel” Red Ensign finds himself in a world of trouble with the Nazi’s. This old-style war story will have you on the edge of your seat as Brunhilda attacks. The art is beautifully done in black and white.
“All On Me” Dominion Jack is under attack. The story is confusing. Lots of characters but not enough of an explanation as to who they all are. The art does bring out emotions in the characters faces otherwise it is not done defined enough.
“Reunion: Part 3” The Family Dynamic are Canada’s heroes. Now, these heroes are a family of heroes. The colours are bold and beautiful. Blackbird and Little Wing are shown in a striking pose. This episode sets up the story and gets you ready and waiting for more next episode.

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