RICH REVIEWS: Trolls # 1 Hugs and Friends

trolls-1-hugs-and-friendsTitle: Trolls # 1 Hugs and Friends
Publisher: Papercutz
Trolls Writer: Dave Scheidt
Bergens Writer: Tini Howard
Artist and Colorist: Kathryn Hudson
Letterer: Tom Orzechowski
Price: $ 7.99 US, $ 11.50 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “To Eat Or Not To Eat” Aw we see a sad Troll but his friend is willing to help him out. What are friends for after all. The sacrifices one makes. Plus getting to enjoy the fruits or in this case cupcake is a big plus. This little story is fan and cute. The art does fit the characters and the fact that this is for younger audiences.
“Bergens United # 1” Bergens having pizza and phsyical exercise do not mix well. The story moves along smoothly but is just there its not that thrilling.
“Paint How You Feel” One troll here has very colorful hair. They can be artistic. Branch has a unique way of creating his own art.
“Chef: On The Chopping Block # 1” An interesting contest of cooks. These trolls are ugly and they cook weird stuff.
“Most Hairy Emergency” Hairloss is cured here in a most very nice way. The trolls also have fun. They enjoy life.
“Bergens United # 2” Peotry and Bergens do not go together all that well. Pizza does go with Bergens though. They love pizza.
“Fashion Show” The fashion show has lots of colors in it. Trolls idea of a fashion show is something else.
“Chef: On The Chopping Block # 2” Troll cooks get to make a dish out of turnips and hair.
“Whip You Into Shape” Exercising is a great idea and adding cupcakes to it well it can also end up being a good idea. Trolls just love cupcakes. Its a cute story with cute art.
“Bridget Love Quest” Trolls have young love. Bridget has a crush. She does do some strange things showing it.
“The Woods” The trolls have a different way of looking at ghost stories. These trolls may get scared but there is never any real danger.
“Chef: On The Chopping Block # 3” The final cooking ingredient leaves the Cook cold.
“Hide And Seek” Trolls play hide and seek at different levels. They all though have fun playing.
“Bergens United # 3” A fancy Ball done Troll style. Its a Ball unlike any other.
“A Very Vanilla Nightmare” A nightmare as we see here is not real. So it is nothing to be afraid of.
This all ages Trolls comic will be fun for younger readers. Nice bright colors do attract your attention. The characters are fun plauful creatures.

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