RICH REVIEWS: Transmissions # 1

Title: Transmissions # 1
Publisher: T Pub
Writer & Letterer: Jed MacPherson
Artist: Marco Perugini
Colorist: Shannon Bennion
Editor: Neil Gibson
Price: Kickstarter funding
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A man kills and injures a large amount of people. Something is off about it so you will feel it is no ordinary mass killing.
As the story moves along there is something going on with numbers. Charlie and Sasha are investigating the murders. They do follow a lead about the Numbers Station. The way the numbers are shown does get you interested in what is going on.
The way the Russian words are spelled out with some backwards letters is a good way to bring across the fact it is a foreign language.
The art style is dark and done in shadows giving it a mysterious and foreboding feeling.
This story makes you think about it and as you do you will realize it has drawn you into it. It does slowly get you wanting to know more. Charlie is some kind of agent and you can tell he is a man driven to solve the mystery.

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