RICH REVIEWS: Transdimensional # 1

Title: Transdimensional # 1
Publisher: TPub
Writer: Michael Gordon
Artist: Henrique Pereira
Colors: Jan Wijngaard
Cover Artist: Federico De Luca
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A beautiful underwater scene greets you as you start this comic. The sub is perfectly illustrated. The fish shown has a mean vicious look to it. The coloring is gorgeously done. The shading sets the mood.
The suffering of a man is brought out so great. You will feel his pain. Then something terrifying happens. You will be left wondering what and why.
Mr. Deacon Price is having so many problems. A sick daughter, nightmares that might not be nightmares. He is also in charge of an undersea salvage type operation. Plus more.
Deacon has a hidden agenda. There is also lots of drama as almost all on the expedition are romantically involved one way or another. So its mystery, drama, and romance beneath the water. Plus a secret terror that awaits them all.

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