RICH REVIEWS: Toronto Comics Mini # 1

Title: Toronto Comics Mini # 1
Publisher: Toronto Comics Anthology
Writers: David Oxley, Sam Noir, Miike Something, Mark Foo
Artists: David Oxley, Emily Zelasko, Todd Sullivan, Mark Foo
Price: $ 4.99 CDN
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: “Memories of the Record Man: by David Oxley.
Three former employees of Sam the Record Man retail store reminisce about working there. You get a warm friendly feeling as you see these three together. This is one cool little story about life in Toronto. Great characters and nice art to go with the story.
“HA5H1KO” by Sam Noir and Emily Zelasko.
In the city of Torontokyo a girl and her dog have a loving relationship. The poor dog is a robot but you would never know it with its huge heart. This is such a sad story but the ending will lift your heart. The art is so cute showing the characters.
“What the Doctor Ordered” by Miike Something and Todd Sullivan.
Its the 1920’s and the art does bring the era across. The drawing of the tommy gun looks great. The story has a weird touch to it but is basically a crime drama with some hard hitting action.
“The Tourist” by Mark Foo.
This is a futuristic tale of a tourist in Toronto. Even in the future it is a fascinating place. This is a short tale that shows a pride in the city of Toronto. The art does make sure you know this is the future.
This is a Canadian comic made in Toronto, Ontario, Canada by people living in that city about situations in Toronto. You can tell how much the talent that created these stories love their city.

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