RICH REVIEWS: Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3

Title: Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 3
Publisher: TO Comix
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover Pencils and Inks by: Adam Gorham
Cover Colours by: Mike Spicer
Price: $ 19.99 CDN
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This comic is made by comic writers and artists from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This anthology has a collection of thirty stories on various topics.
“Karina” Writer and artist Simon Phommaneth.
One cutely drawn school girl and yes she is drawn in a cute school uniform looks beautiful in this anime style. She chases down a thief. The thief has powers which he is shown using well. The girl she can fight and is a martial artist. The fighting scenes are illustrated beautifully and action packed. It is powers versus city knowledge, man vs girl and yes the best one wins.
“Just in Time” Writer and Artist Andrew “ARG!” Gregoire.
A woman goes through the daily grind of going to work. She makes the effort. The pay off though for her troubles is a letdown. The art illustrating this woman is cute.
“Snow Blind” Writer & letterer Howard Wong and artist Keith Grachow.
One woman a member of the Canadian Armed Forces Urban Command is out patrolling the streets of Toronto keeping them safe from mutants and children in this future story. There needed to be a lot more explanation of what is going on. The art is outstanding and the woman it is easy to tell is a beauty as she is illustrated.
“Lofty Aspirations” Writer BC Holmes& letterer and artist Xan Grey.
Here we see real life and TV shows are different. A superhero and a villain he faced are not the same as on a TV show. Plus how real people handle meeting a real villain, a real criminal in real life is shown here. It is a refreshing look to see handled realistically.
The art too is done in a realistic style. People are drawn as real people.
You can easily identify with the people in this story.
“Etienne and the Far West” Writer M. Blankier and artist Leo Lee.
This story has a man searching for something, a place? It does not ever really tell you. The art is a matte style which in its way is done fine for the story but could use more detail.
“Architecture” Writer Ricky Lima and artist Kelvin Sue.
This is a lighthearted look at the buildings and vehicles of Toronto. They are as much a part of it as the people. The story is wonderfully written and drawn.
“The Dark” Writer Aaron Feldman and artist Joshua Rosen.
Two women sit eating a meal in the dark. You can feel the tension between them. One woman offers comfort and support when it is needed most. It is a beautiful story. The definitely suits the story.
“Hogtown” Writer & Letterer Phil McClorey and artist Greg Menzie.
Two vampires are working at a hog processing plant. Well, one thing leads to another and we have vampire pigs. There is a first for everything. The pigs are drawn very well to give them a vampire look and a touch of evil.
“A Work in Progress” Writer & artist Gwen Howarth and writer & letterer Sam Noir.
Gwen the writer and artist on this story writes about them self. Gwen is transgender. She reaches out to those around her and finds acceptance. It is great to see that people, in general, are open and accept others who are different in some ways but the same in others. People are people.
“Shrieking Freaks” Writer & artist Saffron Aurora.
This is a simple story with simple straightforward art. A young woman just wants her own place where she can be herself. A simple ambition to make her happy.
“Toward a Frontier” Writer & artist Brice Hall.
Here we get a look at Toronto in a future with little hope. The people survive and that is about it. Humanity goes on just they are alive but not really living. You will feel some sadness for them. The art is good but nothing special. There are some nicely illustrated expressions on the faces.
“One Night on the TTC” Writer Ryan Clement and artist Jeanna LeClair.
Two friends meet up at the air terminal and with superheroes, dragons, wizards, demons, and vampires there it is easy to see this place is not normal but very special. The girls ride on the TTC does lead to them bonding and having fun. This story has a magical side but is basically about two friends that grew apart and are now growing close again. The art style is nice, not scary at all for the monsters and the girls are cutely drawn.
“Bells” Writer & artist Angeline Mauri.
A story about love. It is always great to see two people so in love. The emotions of the one are so strong and openly shown. This is a touching story and illustrated nicely.
“A Night to Remember” Writer Rob Shapiro and artist Christopher Yao.
Three girls are prom dress shopping when something more exciting and frightening intruders. The story does not have a plot. The art is well enough but mainly the characters are just standing around.
“The Way Home” Writer Jeff Estrella and artist Tom Turner.
This is a religious story in a way. It is also more. A boy realizes where his home is now. He is a smart boy and meets a few interesting people in Toronto. The mystical side of the story is illustrated so well here.
“Date with the Majestic Rat” Writer & artist Jason Loo.
Majestic Rat goes on a date and things do not go well for either of them. Then Majestic Rat gets to be the hero he is. Yes, his date sees him as the heroic soul he is. Things start looking up for both of them. The art is gorgeously done and brings out both sides of Majestic Rat at his worst and best.
“Toonie” Writer & artist Turin Giri.
This is a touching story. Good art shows off a man who at first you might not like and may find annoying but then you are shown him up close and get to learn a little about him. The poor guy.
“#ModernViking” Writer & artist Mandy James.
A Viking in modern times just wants a noble death. The story is cute and the art does not really match it. The art style is not done as humorously as it should be.
“TTC-YA” Writer Keith WTS Morris & artist Meagan Moynagh.
Well this story is the start of an adventure. It just seems to cut off at the end though, is this part one of a bigger story? The art looks great and the aliens are typical looking. The alien buildings are well designed.
“Buried, Not Forgotten” Writer & letterer Corey Reid and artist Cleopatria Peterson.
This is an interesting story about two brothers. Their relationship is something else. The art has some nice detail to it.
“Taste of the Neighborhood” Writer Sari Lynne and writer & artist Shane Kirshenblatt.
Neighbors making friends and just meeting those around them for fun and friendship. It is nice to see a nice story about people just getting together and hanging out. The art is clear and simple. The dog is drawn lovely.
“Ghosts Over Garlic Mashed Potatoes” Writer Allison O’Toole and artist Meaghan Carter.
This is a spooky tale of a haunted house being investigated. The art does have a frightening and disturbing look to it as it shows us what is within the house.
“Kunik and the Slave-Wizard of the Tower” Writer & letterer Steven Andrews and artist Ally Rom Colthoff.
Two barbarians face a wizard and the battle goes not as you might think but as the barbarians planned. The story is presented well and the twist at the end is a surprise. The dragons are illustrated wonderfully.
“Something Just as Great” Writer Shawn Morrissey and artist Katie Mackay.
Aw this is a cute story about family and the relationship between a father and his child. The art is done to dark but the characters look good enough to get a feeling of the relationships they have.
“Ghost of Bellwoods Past” Writer & artist Shawn Daley.
This time traveling story has cute art but the story does not fully make sense because it is so short and does not have enough time to get into everything going on.
“Rumble” Writer and artist Joy Santiago.
This is a one page simple story hi-lighting the variety of food available in Toronto. The art to dark and indistinct.
“Chinatown’s Lost Movie Palaces” Writer & artist Sam Noir and artist Matthew Tavares.
This story is just about remembering your heritage. It can be done in part by going to the movies and remembering the past. The art is ok but with only one page you do not get to see a lot of it especially with the word boxes taking up so much room.
“Then and Now” Writer & artist Stephany Lein.
How fifteen years can change your outlook on Toronto. It certainly does do that. The art is simple, nothing stands out about it it is just there.
“Curly Plays the Rex” Writer & artist D.A. Bishop.
Nice nostalgic story about Curly Roberts and his blues music being felt by others. It gives you a good feeling instead as you read this and the art shows Curly off beautifully.
“Toronto Search” Artist Rebecca Slack.
This is a huge picture search drawing that will keep you busy for a good while.
This is a wonderful collection of short stories for and about Canadians but anyone can enjoy them. Toronto is a gathering place for so much talent.

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