RICH REVIEWS: Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 2

Title: Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 2
Publisher: TO Comix
Writers: various
Artists: various
Cover Pencils and Inks by: Adam Gorham
Cover Colours by: Paris Alleyne
Price: $ 14.99 CDN
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This comic is made by comic writers and artists from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This anthology has a collection of nineteen stories.
Home” Story by Mark Foo and art by Xan Grey. A woman makes a journey to Toronto. She is a scientist. This story is going along great it has excitement and keeps you focused on it and the main character is an amazing woman. The art is illustrated well. The ending though makes no sense.
Fire on the S.S. Noronic” Written by Christopher Bird and illustrated by Brice Hall.
This is a tragic real life story of a fire on a ship. Proper precautions were not taken and this lead to many deaths. The brave people of Toronto who helped out saved many lives as well. The art is well done showcasing this tragedy. The terror of this incident is brought across in the drawings.
We Were Here” Written by Aaron Feldman and art by Ryan Garcia.
Even in a future where the world has gone to hell two people can find love. This is a beautiful story written low key with nice soft art to match it. Wonderfully told story.
Hero” Written by Mark Foo and illustrated by Greg Jensen.
We see our hero all suited up in costume and ready to stalk the nights delivering justice. Well if weather permits. Very funny story guaranteed to make you smile and feel good. The art does not have a lot of detail but it works well enough in this story. The hero is posed just right for his scenes.
Bloodsuckers” Written by J.M. Frey and art by Ryan C. Cole.
The art is cute. The story is about vampires with something to do with where they are living but it is never made all that clear.
Cool New Job” Story and art by David Oxley.
Trina gets a new job and as she tells her friend Ginger about it. This is an interesting Canadian take on the Power Rangers. The story is fun and entertaining with great characters.
Discount Demon of the West End!” Art by Ally Rom Colthoff and words Steven Andrews.
Sarah finds a demon who has to obey her. Does she get him to conquer the world for her well no, does she get riches well no, she does have him sort underwear though. This story is so cute. Sarah is a wonderful person and she influences this demon. It is wonderful to see and read.
Toronto the Rude” Written by J.M.Frey and illustrated by Tim Lai.
A writer and two editors are talking about New York and Toronto. Toronto is more polite and New York more kind so they say here. Is it true visit both and see. The art is simple with nothing to stand out about it.
Sandwich Boards and Salami” Art and story by B.C. Holmes.
Crad Kilodney was a Toronto author his books were unconventional. A woman thinks back about the books of his she bought from him. More so about him. The story gives some great advice on writing. The art is what it should be for this story. It shows the characters as you would expect.
The Keeper” Written by Nelson Da Rocha and illustrated by Ariane Laurence.
There is not much to this story. It needed to be long to get into it more. It is about some killers but it is not long enough to get you interested in it. The art is simple and basic with sparse backgrounds.
The Black Spire of York” A gothic story translated by Miike Something , illustrated by Todd Sullivan.
Nice art done in the period the story is set. This tale is one of warning. If your evil you will be punished. Oxley gets his well earned reward.
The Icelandia Boycotts” Written by Christopher Bird and art by Leo Lee.
This story is all about racism and that if you do stand up to it it can be beat. Nice art but without enough detail. The message is clear here people should not be discriminated against because of skin color or race, it is wrong.
Major North” Artist Christopher Yao and writer Sam Noir.
Here we see Major North a Native Canadian super-hero. He has the supernatural manifestation of the Canadian identity which gives him superhuman strength, speed, and stamina. Here all Canadians are heroes and all get to feel what it is like to be Major North. The art could be more focused, it is indistinct. The line art needs to be more solid.
The Monster Artist” Story by Yi-Sung Oliver Ho and art by Rina Rozsas.
Lily is a wonderful character she is so full of life and loves to draw. The story itself flows nicely but the ending makes no sense. The drawings of Lily are beautiful and convey her character perfectly.
Redevelopment and Reunion” Written by Daniel Reynolds and art by Stephany Lein.
Toronto stands still for no one. The art is vague on the people but the backgrounds have plenty of detail. We see four men who waited on a dream to long.
Started from the Bottom” Story by Alex Correa and art by Kelvin Sue.
Lots of work goes into a huge display. The story does have two friends together but the story does not have much of a plot. The art is nice and clean cut.
The Toronto Patty Wars of 1985” Written by Christopher Bird and art by Elli Fata.
People actually complained that Jamaican Beef Patties should be called Jamaican Patties only. Such a silly thing to complain about. The patty both Jamaican and regular hamburger ones are well drawn. They might just make you hungry.
Reflections” Written by Jesse McGibney and art by Ariane Laurence.
This is a short and very frightening tale. It has you thinking what if it could really happen. The art is gorgeous scary.
Sultan of Hanlon Point” Author Rob Shapiro and artist Nicole A. Trudel.
The Babe hit his very first home run in Toronto. One young boy has one weird adventure that is the adventure of a lifetime. The Babe looks like a guy who really enjoys baseball.
We Still Got It” Writer Mark Maia and artist James Riehl.
Here two old foes reminisce about younger days. These two a super-hero and his super villain used to have such grand battles. As we see even in old age they still can. Beautiful art accompanies this story. The story is fun and entertaining

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