RICH REVIEWS: Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 1

Title: Toronto Comics Anthology Vol. 1
Publisher: TO Comix
Writers: various
Artists: various
Edited by: Steven Andrews, Nelson da Roca, and Miike Something
Cover Pencils and Inks by: Adam Gorham
Cover Colours by: Paris Alleyne
Price: $ 9.99 CDN
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This comic is made by comic writers and artists from Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This anthology has a collection of eleven stories.
You just have to read the Foreword in this book. Ty Templeton could not have written it better. If this does not make you want to read this nothing will and believe me this will.
Blackout” Written by Miike Something and art by Todd Sullivan.
Two boys decide to play a new video game. They get far more than they expected out of it. The story has excitement and chills. Plus we see a friendship grow. It is all presented so wonderfully and with beautiful art that shows off all the characters so well.
The Perfect Gold Heist of 1952” Written by Christopher Bird and illustrated by Nick Hendricks.
This is a short two page story based on real events. The art is basic with no frills. The art does show a sinister man in the shadows.
The Tale of the Eyeball Tree” Story by Oliver Ho and drawings by Brice Hall.
This is one weird story filled with magic and love. Gorgeous art portrays the trees and you will definitely feel for the little girl. She is so wonderful.
Brutal” Story by Mark Foo and art by David Oxley.
Have you ever wondered what the true purpose of all the concrete and steel buildings in Toronto are? Be careful what you find out because you just may not want to know. The art does set the atmosphere for this story and it is well written.
WTF at the CNE” Written by Christopher Bird and illustrated by Greg Jensen.
The CNE had a lot of weird shows and competitions. Yes they are or were all real. The water skiing elephant is draw cute and looking afraid.
The Ghost of Maple Leaf Gardens” Written by Steven Andrews and art by Xan Grey.
This is a touching story about a ghost. The poor thing. The ghost buster here is just a man who knows what he is doing. Beautiful art illustrates this fine story.
The Cheese Poems of James McIntye” Written by Christopher Bird and art by Adam Prosser.
James McIntye really did write poems about cheese. He is shown as a man who loved his work. He is drawn with a fun look on his face.
Different Times” Story by Nelson da Rocha and art by Stephany Lein.
This story is about super-heroes. Super-heroes from the future visit ones in the past. The art does showcase each one well. The ones in the past we see are sexist, racist and just not nice guys by modern standards.
The Bathing Suit Trails of 1936” Script and inks by Christopher Bird and pencils by Kelvin Sue.
From 1936 to 1938 men could not go swimming topless. They could go topless as long as they did not swim. Nice simple art accompanies this story.
The Scottish Play” Written and illustrated by B.C. Holmes.
Jamie here is shown as such a courageous young man. He does what is right for him even knowing how others will react to it. Jamie in the drawings is a brave soul.
Doors Into Darkness” Story by Daniel Reynolds and art by Kelvin Sue.
Dennis meets Rui. The art is nice and clean looking, the lines are solid. Dennis learns he has much more to do with his life tha being a janitor. Dennis is a good guy and on his way to becoming even better.
The Disappearance of Ambrose Small” Written by Christopher Bird and illustrated by Leo Lee.
Ambrose Small in 1919 disappeared. His disappearance was real and it is still a mystery today what happened to him. The art is good and the story briefly tells you about Ambrose.
This collection of Toronto stories by people from Toronto is wonderfully presented.

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