RICH REVIEWS: Tokyo Rose – Zero Hour

Title: Tokyo Rose – Zero Hour (GN)
Publisher: Tuttle Publishing
Written by Andre Frattino
illustrated by Kate Kasenow
Lettering by: Jance Chiang
Price: $ 16.99 US
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art is black and white in this book. The illustrations are so beautifully done and bring out the characteristics of each person. Iva is a ordinary woman who survived hardships most people have no idea how hard they actually are.
The start of the trial is something else it is a tumult of emotions. There is a lot of anger for this woman.
Iva Toguri is shown with her Aunt’s family in Japan. She is worked hard there. When it is time for Iva to go home it turns out things are not so easy anymore.
After the attack on Pearl Harbour it is great the way both Japanese and American views are shown.
It is explained in detail through the characters how Tokyo Rose comes to be. Japanese/Americans were put into tough spots if they did not give up their American nationality. Iva was one of those who stayed true to her American home. Iva is a kind and caring person. She does not want anything to do with the war going on, circumstances though say differently.
Iva Toguri aka Orphan Ann aka Tokyo Rose started out as just an ordinary young woman and now she is rallying the American troops while pretending to do the opposite. She is enjoying herself yet still wants to go home. But before she does she gets arrested as a traitor. She was part of a program to put out propaganda yet she did not.
Iva does go on trial for being a traitor. Iva did nothing at all wrong. She was a woman just trying to survive in a bad situation. Iva, Tokyo Rose was a hero. She was an inspiration to women everywhere and still is and to everyone.

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