RICH REVIEWS: Title: Shook! A Black Horror Anthology

Title: Shook! A Black Horror Anthology
Publisher: Second Sight Publishing
Price: $ 35.00 US
A 160+ page EC Comics styled horror anthology featuring writers such as Rodney Barnes, John Jennings, Kevin Grevioux, and David Walker.
SHOOK! A BLACK HORROR ANTHOLOGY is a 160-page graphic novel comprised of tales of horror, sci-fi, and suspense from a collection of a few of the most talented African American writers in the comic book industry. Dubbed “The Dream Team”, these creators represent black excellence in the horror genre.

Here are three stories from the anthology reviewed:

Title: Tasty!! Itchy!!!
Publisher: Second Sight Publishing
Written and Created by: Bradley Golden
Art by: Flavio Cortes
Lettered by: Hector Negrete
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story is 13 pages long.
There are flesh-eating cockroaches in the city plus other things The art is done in a blurry style that does make it harder to make out details yet it does give the comic a dark ominous atmosphere. There are Screechers in the dark in this city and they are deadly.
The group of people in the city are just trying to survive, they need to be there. The people and creatures are so hard to make out. You can a little and that part is frightening.
You can see living in this world is hard.

Title: The Last March
Publisher: Second Sight Publishing
Written by: Rodney Barnes
Illustrated by: David Brame
Lettered by: Hector Negrete
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story is 13 pages long.
We see the Klan about to do what they do best, one man against way more Klan members. This one man knows yes and retribution for those who deserve it. The leader of the Klan here well he finds out what it feels like to feel fear.
Buck Hawkins does seem to be enjoying his revenge for how he was treated. The zombies are done well but Buck looks amazing as a man enjoying being the one in charge.
This story does let all know being a racist is not a good thing. Especially when Buck is around. Really though everyone should stand up and speak out against any form of racism it is just wrong.

Title: The Breaks
Publisher: Second Sight Publishing
Story: John Jennings
Art: Charlie Goubile
Colors: Alex Bradley & John Jennings
Letters: Jeremy Marshall
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story is 12 pages long.
Hip Hop music does become a part of your life for those who embrace it.
Here Patricia and Freeze are two friends. Patricia though is in a bad way. She still remembers the good times and the beat. Poor Patricia is suffering so much but she does remember the good times and how she was Queen Proppa Show Stoppa! She could dance and does again.
This is a touching story of a woman who went through a lot and she deserves to be happy and to dance. It is a sad story with a happy ending.
The art is done right and helps so much in bringing this story to life.
All the characters are so well presented you will find yourself instantly connecting with them.

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