RICH REVIEWS: Tigress # 8

Title: Tigress # 8
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Writer: Dennis Mallonee
Artwork by: Oski Yanez
Price: $ 4.99 US, $ 5.75 Can
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Tigress is a unique personality. She was once another person. Than the Tigress possessed her.
The art is flat and lacks detail. The females wear revealing and tight costumes but their sexuality is not shown off at all.
The story centers around some guy a criminal but exactly who he is and what part he will play in the bigger picture is not revealed. His main part is the relationship he and Tigress have started.
“Of Gods and Demons” Skylark is on a mission and she is illustrated in some lovely action poses. When Harpyra strikes it is sudden and brutal. The powers of Hell and Heaven battle it out through these two.
The new Tigress is drawn like a combination of Pippi Long Stocking and DC’s Cheeta. There is a sexuality about her body but not the face.
Skylark comes across as a bit full of herself. The Serpent does as well. Both Tigress’s do to. Everyone in this story is stuck up.
Tigress the old one and the new one look different and behave different. It will be something to see them eventually meet.

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