RICH REVIEWS: Things You Shouldn’t Remember # 2

Title: Things You Shouldn’t Remember # 2
Publisher: Darby Pop Publishing
Written and Lettered by: Luis Roldan Torquemada
Art by: Mariano Eliceche
Color by: Angel Lidon
Cover by: Mariano Eliceche/Color Angel Lidon
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The introduction explains what is going on in the comic. This would have been better explained in issue one. Or in the actual comic story of this issue.
The Forbidden Library is an amazing sight if you like books you will love seeing this.
One man Tommy is dragging another Marc along. The one doing the dragging is a killer but the question is why is he killing? The one man Tommy he is after something. It has to do with Monica.
A woman is being followed by a dog, why? Than she starts following the dog. Where the dog leads you will not believe.
The art is not defined enough. The one page with the dog and weird guy is a mysterious drawing which does stand out. Overall the art needs more to it.
The mysteries are good to have but we need some answers to to keep you interested.

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