RICH REVIEWS: The XII: The Father Vol 1

Title: The XII: The Father Vol 1
Publisher: Sol Comics
Writer: Patrick Trahey
Artist: Luis Suarez
Letterer: Martin “Magnus” Perez
Pages: 174
Price: $ 1.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This collects the four-issue series into one book.
We see Caleb a father and husband showing he cares about his family. He knows in this world that having food to eat is the most important thing that and family.
After an attack and looting, Caleb and his son Eli and Alvin must make an unknown and dangerous ride into the city along the deadly roads. This story takes place in a hard world where survival is the hardest thing of all.
After a long hard journey on the road, they do finally make it to Chicago. The Promised Land does not look all that promising. Who are the Twelve and do they exist?
We see the Twelve in action here and Caleb fights for his family. He loves them and will do anything to protect them.
we are given a look back at how Caleb and Anna Belle first got together. It was not pretty.
The black and white art throughout this comic is perfect for the rough setting in this future post-apocalyptic world.
What would you do to protect your family? Here Caleb finds out and he does it. This story is powerful in showing the love a father has for his children. Any father would be able to sympathize with Caleb. The characters here all have powerful emotions that we see brought out.
The Twelve yes they are very real.

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