RICH REVIEWS: The World of Aluna # 1

Title: The World of Aluna # 1
Publisher: Entertainment Logic
Creators: Paula Garces, Antonio Hernandez
Writers: Ryan Galletta, Dooma Wendschuck, Corey May
Penciler/Inker/Letterer: Adrian Barbu
Colorists: Antim Marius, Casandra Ciocian
Cover Pencils & Colors: David T. Cabrera
Inker & Colors: Tunon Benzo
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Beautiful ancient setting in the jungles of Spain. The Goddess Pachamama is shown.
In the present 1500’s Aluna is a cute girl with a headstrong attitude.
One thing that jumps out at you here are the colors they are bright and sharp. They will grab your attention. The period clothes are beautifully done.
Aluna at a dance is mistreated by a boy there and with her new jewel around her neck leashes out. The jewel glows why what hidden power does it possess?
This is a wonderful start to this comic with a great character in Aluna. She is so full of attitude and so willful. It will great to see what she is like grown up and how the jewel affects her.

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