RICH REVIEWS: The Witcher: Fading Memories # 1

Title: The Witcher: Fading Memories # 1
Publisher: Darkhorse Comics
Writer: Bartosz Sztybor
Artist: Amad Mir
Colors: Hamidreza Sheykh
Letters: Steve Dutco
Cover Artist: Evan Cagle
Variant Cover: Jeremy Wilson
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Witcher comes to town. They have no monsters for him to fight only a job fishing. The fisherman who hires him was attacked by mermaids sometime in his life. So you know they be showing up.
The illustration of the mermaids does show them as creatures of evil out for revenge.
Geralt is a man who is a fighter yet he does keep to himself. He is a good man.
Geralt does get hired for a job. He is to kill Foglets. He is good at his job. He goes in does what he is paid to do and leaves.
The attitude towards Witcher’s is that they are hated. Why though is not said? Because they are outsiders maybe.
This comic does not fully capture the character in the way the actor from the TV series did. He seems more mediocre. He lacks personality.
The Witch does live a solitary life. People avoid him. He has a sense of honor about him that makes him as someone you should respect yet he is not.

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