RICH REVIEWS: The Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga # 1

Title: The Vicious Vixens of Dakuwanga # 1
Publisher: Biting Comics
Words/Story: Ben Lacy
Art: Nico Toran
Lettering: Nikki Powers
Character Design: Educardo Guzman
Price: $ 14.00 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Slavery still exists and here a boatload of women are being taken to sell to the highest bidder. The Tiburon family runs a criminal cartel that includes slavery. These eight women find their situation changes as a shark one armed and ready for war acts. Slavery of any kind should not exist and the writer here delivers the message of how wrong it is. The shark leaves a gory mess behind, leaving the women safe. This shark will have you believing anything is possible.
The women with Big Sis leading them get free and Knives helps. They take whatever they can from the boat to help them survive.
The Vixens are Blondie, Jamaica, Knives, Fiji, Fish-Hook, Doc, Big Sis and Lil Sis. All of these beauties are drawn expressively. Their facial expressions are cute. The outfits they are wearing do help to accentuate their natural beauty. The women also have a toughness to them. Big Sis knows what she is doing and you see these women already starting to bond.
These women are willing to fight to stay free. Their adventure has just begun.
The women do start adjusting to living on the island yet they are not left alone as Mr. Tiburon’s men find them. The women do fight back. Knives goes all psycho in the fight this girl has a serious blood lust problem. The art also gets gory. Her facial expression delivers the message loud and clear she is ready for a fight.
You may have felt sorry for these women at the start but as you see them in action you know they can handle anything.
The ending here lets you know the most dangerous and exciting is yet to come.
As you go throw these pages you will start to learn and care about these women. You will soon come to know them and care about them.

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