RICH REVIEWS: The V-Card # 1

Title: The V-Card # 1
Publisher: Antarctic Press
Writer/Creator: Dallas Casavant
Illustrator: Nick Johnson
Letterer: Sean Rinehart
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A scary atmosphere is set as a girl runs afraid of something. The art is done in a fun style that lets you know right away this may be scary but you’re going to enjoy being scared. Then he wakes up and reality sinks in.
He and his friend also a vampire go out for his 380th birthday. The female friend is very outspoken. These two are both what is commonly referred to as losers. They are vampires and virgins and so pitiful.
Johnathan and his friend Kathleen go to a club with lots of vampires at it and as we get a tour we see that there are so many different types of vampires. They are based on movies and books for the most part.  At this club, Johnathan sees one human woman who is drop-dead sexy. Her name is Paris and she is with Edmond a tough vampire.
Chan Haan Sing is a vampire killer and he is drawn so coolly.
Johnathan is a vampire who is average at best and he is just looking for what all of us want in life love and happiness.

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