RICH REVIEWS: The Unsound # 4

Title: The Unsound # 4
Publisher: BOOM! Studios
Created by: Cullen Bunn
Written by: Cullen Bunn
Illustrated by: Jack T. Cole
Lettered by: Jim Campbell
Cover by: Jack T. Cole
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The visuals are weird. Especially the one eyed cat.
Xeres, Ashli and the patients and doctors are in a place unlike any other. It is a crazy wild dangerous place.
What do the masks do? Why do they hide and help those trapped below? Mysteries do abound here.
We learn more about one of the orderlies than we might like to know.
Ashli now we delve farther into her personality. She was a young girl who needed help and she did decide to help herself by helping others. She is the Mother of Blades but what does that mean in this crazy place.
The more you learn of Ashli the more you want to know and you know there is more.

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