RICH REVIEWS: The Sheperd: Apokatastasis

sheperd-apokatastasisTitle: The Sheperd: Apokatastasis (TP)
Publisher: Caliber Comics
Writers: Andrea Lorenzo Molinari and Roberto Xavier Molinari
Pencils/Inks: Ryan “Score” Showers
Colors: Heather Breckel
Letters, Logo Design: Jacob Bacle
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The art is really simple and basic. The use of red on the monsters eyes and mouth does present a ghastly effect.
We follow a teacher from home to school. He does seem like just an ordinary guy. Dr. Lawrence Miller and his wife than suffer a terrible loss.
Lawrence or Larry does have a hard time dealing with it. His actions and words convey that. The story though does not bring out as much emotion as you would expect it to. His talk with his wife finally does bring forth some emotion. They lost a son and now he is losing everything else.
Lawrence goes on a quest to save his son’s soul and for revenge on those who killed him. This quest takes him to the land of the dead and back. He also picks up the Staff of Truth a powerful weapon. Lawrence is shown so determined that nothing will stand in his way.
The night scenes are to dark so you can not fully make out the art.
Lawrence and the huge dog like creature that has joined him are out for revenge on those who wronged his son. Where did this dog come from? Nothing is revealed about it.
Lawrence is still looking for Val or his soul.
Now in the last part of this book things get very emotional. Lawrence made some wrong choices. Now he looks within himself. He knows the one he needs to forgive the most.
The ending to this story does have some twists that will surprise you. Lawrence is a man who followed his anger and now he follows his heart.

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