RICH REVIEWS: The Rizen (Movie review)


Featuring Sally Phillips, Bruce Payne and Adrian Edmondson

A door to unspeakable horror opens this January.

Laura Swift (The Snowman), Sally Phillips (the Bridget Jones series), Bruce Payne (Warlock III, Passenger 57), Julian Rhind-Tutt (Lucy), Tom Goodman Hill (Everest) and The Young Ones’ Adrian Edmondson star in writer-director Matt Mitchell’s “fast-paced and thoroughly entertaining”* action-horror The Rizen, invading VOD this January from Uncork’d Entertainment.

The year is 1955. NATO and the Allied Forces have been conducting secret, occult experiments in a bid to win the Arms Race. They have finally succeeded, but what they have unleashed could tear our world apart. Now one woman must lead the only other two survivors past faceless horrors that threaten to kill or capture them at every turn. They are the only ones left who can fight to close a door that should never have been opened.

The Rizen available on VOD January 2 from Uncork’d Entertainment.

*Flickering Myth


Studio: Uncork’d Entertainment
Director: Matt Mitchell
Writing Credits: Matt Mitchell

Credited Cast:

Sally Phillips … The Suited Woman
Bruce Payne … Admin
Julian Rhind-Tutt … Blast Door Scientist
Tom Goodman-Hill … Number 37
Adrian Edmondson … Interviewer
Stephen Marcus … The Executioner
Bruce Herbelin-Earle … Woodland Soldier
Laura Swift … Frances
Patrick Knowles … Briggs
Simeon Willis … Lieutenant Franks
Richard Banks … Blind
Phelim Kelly … Blind / Scientist
Lee Latchford-Evans … Lieutenant Conner Taylor
Peter Meyer … Scientist
Samantha White … Nurse

Produced by: 

Kirsty Bell … executive producer
Syd Heather … assistant producer
Martin Myers … executive producer
Clare Pearce … executive producer / producer
Jake L. Reid … Assistant Co-Producer

Run Time: 1 hr, 38 min
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Its 1955 and quarantine has been breached. Nothing is stated about where this base is or who controlled it.
One woman in green is Frances she beautiful. She saves a scientist Richard from something. They start exploring the tunnel they are in. They do find a door and other people.
Whatever is going on it seems real mysterious.
The movie is shot in darkness so you do not get to see the surroundings or characters clearly.
The creatures are blind yet still very dangerous. They have very sharp teeth.
They are joined by one more man.
The woman Frances there is much more to than you might think.
We do get some hard-hitting action. The blind creatures do get beaten on pretty good.
It is easy to tell from the settings and actors that this is a low budget movie. For one it is done well enough considering the resources they had. There are some gross scenes to.
There is an explanation given. Francis is the key to stopping what has been unleashed.
Frances aka Captain Wheeler sacrifices it all to fight the great evil. The end scenes of Captain Wheeler do look fantastic. This is where the special effects budget went on this film.
Captain Wheeler played by Laura Swift does give a good performance. She has some acting skills that you can see in her part.

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