RICH REVIEWS: The Resurrected # 1

Title: The Resurrected # 1
Publisher: Carnouche Productions
Writer: Christian Carnouche
Penciller/Inker/Cover: Crizam Zamora
Colors: Salvatore Aiala
Letterer: Cardinal Rae
Edited by: Erica Schultz
Price: $4.99 US
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars
Comments: It is the year 2032 Australia. Australia was attacked and then attacked once more to stop the first attack. Australia has changed and years later it is still changed. People can get a second chance by coming back.
Detective Cain Duluth is a man in pain. He suffered a great loss and is still dealing with it.
The Island of Sydney is inhospitable. Why are we told this?
The story does drag on and it needs more focus. The Aboriginal Australians are mentioned but only for a second.
The story you are left wondering what is it? What is this comic about? A sad cop yes but what else?
The resurrected are mentioned but not really explained or shown roaming around. How were they created?
What is the purpose of this comic? Why should people read it?
The art could use more focus as well. It is flat looking and has a rough look to it.
There is some mystery here and the story does just start to get interesting as it ends.

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