RICH REVIEWS: The President Killed My Dog # 1

Title: The President Killed My Dog # 1
Publisher: Bad Aura Media LLC
Writer: Chris Kostecka
Art by: Dietrich Smith
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $ 6.99 US
Comments: Mary has a dog named Cindy and Mary is a hoarder. Cindy was and still is having a hard time over the death of her husband. The story does make it clear she loves her dog, Cindy.
Cindy is referred to as a female dog. Yet she goes to the bathroom like a male dog.
Mary and Cindy do enjoy their time together. Mary treats her dog almost like a person.
Then the unthinkable happens and Mary is upset/worried/scared/frustrated all in one. As any dog owner would be. The story and what happens in it will break your heart. You will feel for Mary and Cindy both.
The art is simple yet it does convey the feeling of Mary well. The people are illustrated as ordinary as people that could be you or me.
Any dog owner will sympathize with Mary. Mary has a plan but really her plan is crazy. A true dog owner would never do it. A slightly different plan yes but not hers. You will not expect this.
Mary does come up with a way to vent her anger. To see how it works out you will have to get the next issue. After reading this book you will definitely want to pick up the next one.

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