RiCH REVIEWS: The Phantom # 1777

Title: The Phantom # 1777 # 1777
Publisher: Frew Publications
Writer/Artist/Cover: Lou Manna
Colored by: Mike Coffey
Lettered by: Frank Schulze
Edited by: Glenn Ford
Price: $ 6.00 Aust, $ 7.00 NZ
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: The Phantom’s family is kidnapped so of course, that drives him even harder. The Phantom aside Hero his horse is a magnificent sight.
A proofreader was needed for this issue. Too many grammar errors.
The art is done in a classic retro style giving the Phantom a strong subdued presence.
As the Phantom strikes, it is hard and fast. When you see him hit a person you can almost feel how much it hurts. The Phantom is not easy to defeat. He is written and drawn with an intensity that you rarely see.
The Phantom fights for his family and to protect his jungle. Those who cross him feel his wrath.
The Phantom is a timeless character and treated beautifully by Lou Manna here.

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