RICH REVIEWS: The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics

Title: The Out Side: Trans & Nonbinary Comics
Publisher: Andrews McMeel
Edited by: The Kao, Min Christensen, and David Daneman
Cover by: The Kao and Min Christensen
Creators: various
Book Design by: The Kao
Price: $ 16.99 US, $ 22.99 Can
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Twenty-Nine creators tales of are presented here.
“Outsider” by Sam. Here one thing thats come across in this story is that a person is still a person a human being no matter whether they are trans or anything else.
Sam uses nature to help him relax. Nature does not judge. Sam can just relax be calm and enjoy himself. The people in the world could learn from nature.
“Not There Yet” by Wey. This is a very touching story. You may not know why but it may bring a tear to your eye.
“What’s The Point Then?” by Jam Aden. This story is about a person being happy. It is as simple as that. By being who they feel they are. Other people should just accept that.
“Well-Hidden” by Maddie Jacobus. Here we have a CIS and they refuse to hide who they are. Good for them. A person should not have to ever hide who they truly are. The art looks cute illustrating the main character.
“Laegg” by Lae Louie Schafer. Using the art to show Lae as an egg works if you know what an egg is in terms of the story. It is great to see someone becoming who they know they should be.
“Pierced” by Liam Coballes. Nice art its soft and beautifully colored. The message here is one all people should live by.
“Undefined” by Zhen. Yes society does label us all from birth. For some this is not good and they need to find out who they are and become that person. The colors pink, blue and purple are used and it works so nicely.
“Foreign Body” by Ashi. Ashi does find that they can be comfortable in their own body. They find the look and feel that is best for them. If it makes them happy then it is right.
“Genderfluid” by Vixtopher. How to become your strongest self and be happy with who you are. This is a positive story. Some nice colors are used in the illustrations.
“The Legend of Veronica” by Veronica Jane. Veronica wants to be a trans woman and we see her thoughts about this leading up to her actually becoming one. This is a well written and thoughtful look at the life of a transwoman. The accompaning art fits perfectly with the story.
“Life Choices” by Dashi. This story has a lovely message and it applies to everyone.
“Going Home” by Matteo Montero-Murillo. Nice cute art. This story is about finding out who you are and that is who you should be. Trying to be someone else will not make you happy and you should not do so to make others happy. You should make yourself happy.
“First Times” by Min Christensen. Being Non-Binary is a perfectly normal way to live one’s life. The main character here is so likable. They come across as a good person one you’d like to know.
“Cat Today & Human Tomorrow” by Julie Fiveash. It is always so nice to see someone accepting who they are. Using their art to help themselves achieve it is a great way to do so. It is very expressive.
“Blob” by Coco Ouwerkerk. Sometimes there is no need for others to know what your sex is. Other times it is great to know someone accepts you for you.
“Slow and Steady” by Lake Fama. One person becomes happy they transitioned. It is wonderful to see a person happy with who they are. The is nicely done and brings the personality of the character across.
“At Peace” by Kaz Fantone. This story is about a person who has made changes to their physical appearance and they love it. So uplifting to see this.
“Sweet Nips!” by Lucas – The Nifty Fox. We see that getting a Teet Yeet can cause anxiety. It is hard yet when you want something enough you can do it.
“Never Be Loved” by Snailords. Beautiful message here. Very heartfelt and warming message. Also very true. The art is lovely to look at.
“The “Who, Me?” Decade” by Tara Madison Avery & Mike Sullivan. This story is not totally clear. It seems to be about a young boy who wants to be a girl and him telling others he will do as expected plus they have some anger issues.
“June 20, 2005” by Dana Simpson. The day Dana meets themseves and it looks like they are going to be alright. It is a cute conversation.
“Familiar” by Cyrus. Yes being familiar with who you are is a wonderful feeling. Everything just feels right and the more familiar the better. Nice light colored art accompanies this story.
“I’ve Been Sitting on This Porch for a Year” by Nasr Bin Safwan. This story does not make sense. The art is just a mess.
“Guilty” by Mel Valantine Vargas. Here one person learns you do not have to label yourself to be happy. Just be yourself is the best of all.
“Not-A-Costume” by Al Acevedo. Dressing a certain way to look and feel a certain way is not just a game it is a life style.
“Ten More Seconds” by Sage Coffey. Aw seeing someone at peace with who they are is beautiful. The contentment in the art is beautifully drawn.
“Girl” by Wren. This person is lucky to have friends she can count on. They are there for her as she figures out who she is. The art is fun and lively.
“Gender Is Weird” by Salwa – DaToonie. People should get to live as who they are. Yes it does give one a sense of freedom. Freedom to be you.
“Happy” by Kyla Aiko. Knowing who you are and being good with that is a wonderful feeling of happiness. The art is nice and light and airy.
Reading this will let you know its hard not being accepted for who you are and everyone deserves to be accepted for who they are.

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