RICH REVIEWS: The Only Living Boy # 5

Title: The Only Living Boy # 5 “To Save A Shattered World” (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Writer/Co-Creator: David Gallaher
Artist/Co-Creator: Steve Ellis
Color Flattening: Holley McKend, Jules Rivera, Caitlin Like
Additional Flatting: David B. Cooper, Allison Stejlau
Proofreading: Janelle Asselin
Lettering: Melanie Ujimori
Price: $ 8.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Baalikar one huge evil dragon faces Princess Thelandria. She is a warrior with no fear. Phaedrus and Morgan fight by her side. Baalikar also has many demonic looking creatures on his side.
Princess Thelandria is illustrated in a beautiful pin-up that brings across the fact she is a fighter. The colors are done wonderfully in it and you will love the pose.
Erik joins the fray attacking the dragon. You have got to see the drawings of this dragon in battle. It is visually stunning. The entire city is being leveled and the Queen is dying but the battle continues on. So many brave fighters here.
Erik with the help of his friends does fight on. He finds a lost friend as well. The one that had given him the courage and love to fight on against anything.
This is a world of magic and science filled with wondrous beings. Erik the only living boy left may just be the most wondrous of them all.

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