RICH REVIEWS: The Only Living Boy # 4 “Through the Murky Deep”

Title: The Only Living Boy # 4 “Through the Murky Deep” (GN)
Publisher: Papercutz
Writer/Co-Creator: David Gallaher
Artist/Co-Creator: Steve Ellis
Color Flattening: Holley McKend
Lettering: Melanie Ujimori
Price: $ 8.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
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Comments: Erik Farrell faces a horde of demonic looking creatures. Now they are taking him somewhere. The creatures homes are not what you might expect. Erik is made the king of these monsters and he plans to use them. Erik is a twelve-year-old boy who knows what he wants and he plans to get it.
Kleef is a friend of Eric’s and he is drawn as a monstrous creature with one big red claw.
Eric journeys to the Mercedes Patch. Kleef joins him and the monstrous creatures do as well. But most importantly Eric brings his stuffed teddy bear, Bear. On his journey which is a wondrous adventure filled with danger Eric finds one coolly designed a ship with underwater travel. Eric seeks alias against Baalikar.
Morgan is a water dweller and one who is very unhappy with her life. She does not fit in and does not want to. Bur Eric knowing her gets him in with the water dwellers they become his aliases. He does seem to be gathering a lot of aliases. The lesson here is what one can not accomplish on their own many can.
Baalikar is a huge dragon and the evil in this story.
Somethings are not explained in this issue. You are expected to have read issues two and three to fully understand what is going on.
Eric is a young boy on the adventure of a lifetime. One you are lucky enough to join him on.

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