RICH REVIEWS: The Neverland # 1

Title: The Neverland # 1
Publisher: Village Comics
Story/Letters: Caleb Tusat
Art/Cover: Marcelo Biott
Colors: Robert Nugent
Variant Cover: Stan Yak
Price: $ 10.00 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A young boy sits in his room in a world filled with sadness yet this boy still has hope. We see a family suffering. It does put some strain on the family. Percy the young boy he knows the story of Neverland and what lies there.
The father, wife Wendy and son Percy do make up your average family. They do love each other a lot. Times are hard and with Wendy sick even harder. The whole world is now filled with many sick people.
Is Neverland real? Does its magic exist? Magic does exist with Hope, Strength and Love. Percy has stumbled into Neverland and he may be its only hope. Does he have what it takes to be a hero. The adventure starts here for him. The characters we see in Neverland appear to be damaged versions of the familiar ones.
The art nicely fits with the story, it has an older feel to it. The characters needed more life to them. Percy is a good character and his parents yet those in Neverland are a disappointment. With the magic disappearing so to is the charm of the characters.

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