RICH REVIEWS: The Mushroom Knight Vol. 1

Title: The Mushroom Knight Vol. 1
Publisher: Mad Cave Studios
Written & Illustrated by: Oliver Bly
Colors: Oliver Bly & Steph Snow
Flats: Anna Marie Navaja
Letters: AndWorld Design
Price: $ 19.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments:  “Prologue” Here you get an in-depth look at the land and all the life that lives within it and on it. The art beautifully illustrates the land and animals and the colors are richly done. All kinds of life exist and that is just the way it is.
“Chapter 1: Never was there a time when I did not exist” Gard Gowlitrot is something that is part or all mushroom, he is some kind of creature and he is on a mission looking for the Candle Fly that was stolen. Gard Gowlitrot’s design does stand out. A lot of the words used are nonsense words that make no sense. It does add an atmosphere of strangeness to the story though. Erdagaude a friend of Gard Gowlitrot has the Candle Fly.
It would be nice to know more about these characters we are reading about. Also this Candle Fly, what is it?
Well for the most part the story has become easy enough to follow. Gard Gowlitrot did encounter a Great One. She was nice enough but confused as to what was happening. Gard Gowlitrot continues with his mission.
“Chapter 2: The name of the thing and the thing itself” There is a lot of detail in the art. This took some hard work to achieve. The village is a breathtaking sight.
Lemuelle is the human who is involved with Gard Gowlitrot. Lemuelle’s dog has run away and she is trying hard to find him. The Lemuelle and Gard Gowlitrot live in separate worlds and Gard Gowlitrot’s world magic exists.
Lots of times it is hard to follow what is being said. Gard Gowlitrot does have a sense of doing the right thing. Lemuelle helped him and he will not just forget that.
“Chapter Three: Essicrissical Flight” Gard Gowlitrot now is trying to find a way to find Lemuelle and to return what he borrowed from her. So Gard Gowlitrot casts a powerful spell to make it possible for him to find Lemuelle.
The ending shows an emotion Lemuella missing her dog. It is heartbreaking. Then the ending switches and twists and makes no sense at all.
The art is whimsical with a touch of magic.

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