Carol Danvers gets her powers entangled with those of Kamala Khan and Monica Rambeau, forcing them to work together to save the universe.



Director: Nia DaCosta

Writers: Nia DaCosta, Megan McDonnell, Elissa Karasik

Brie Larson… Carol Danvers
Teyonah Parris…Monica Rambeau
Iman Vellani…Kamala Khan
Samuel L. Jackson…Nick Fury
Zawe Ashton…Dar-Benn
Gary Lewis…Emperor Dro’ge
Park Seo-Joon…Prince Yan (as Seo-Jun Park)
Zenobia Shroff…Muneeba Khan
Mohan Kapur…Yusuf Khan
Saagar Shaikh…Aamir Khan
Leila Farzad…Talia
Abraham Popoola…Dag
Daniel Ings…Ty-Rone
Alex Hughes…Kree Announcer
Shardiah Ssagala…Skrull Young Adult
Cecily Cleeve…Skrull Young Girl
Remi Dabiri-McQuid…Skrull Child
Ffion Jolly…Skrull Woman

Running Time: 1 hr, 45 min
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Comments: Kamala Khan is introduced with some wonderfully animated scenes of her drawings. She comes across as a great character and is filled with innocence due to her being so young and inexperienced.
The main players are all introduced fast.
Something is going on in space and Monica and Carol are out there to investigate it. Then something very weird and unexpected happens. It is an exciting moment. Captain Marvel shown battling the Kree is well done.
Ms. Marvels reaction to Captain Marvel her hero being in her house and somehow tied to her is so enthusiastic, it is a joy to see. Captain Marvel and Ms. Marvel in action together is amazing these two are great together but then Ms. Marvel and Nick Fury have got to be seen the action is so well choreographed. Ms. Marvel moves with fluidity and looks so gorgeous as she kicks butt.
The way these three women meet and join together is a different and unique idea that does add a nice difference to the movie. Ms. Marvel is the heart of this team-up. Carol is the leader and Monica is the one who binds them all together.
Dar-Benn has a plan to return Hala the Kree’s home world to its former glory.
The spaceships have a wonderful design. They are not focused on yet they look amazing in the backgrounds.
There is a big battle on a water world with the three heroes battling an army of Kree Warriors and their leader the Supremor Dar-Benn. This movie has tons of action.
The escape plan aboard Fury’s space station is also unique. It is one you will never see coming.
The final battleground is in space above Earth. Fury provides some needed comedy and he is just so much fun to watch. Captain Marvel with Monica and Ms. Marvel vs Dar-Benn and this is another great fight as heroes battle a villain hell bent on killing billions. She does do it for a good cause to save lives. The battle comes down to Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and Monica all working as one.
So much emotion here. You do get to see what it means to be a hero.
Wow, the ending is just Wow. Your blood will be pumping after seeing this. This is what a superhero movie should be. If you are a fan of the comics you’re going to be in heaven.
After the movie scene make sure you stay for it. You do not want to miss this.
This is one of the best movies Marvel has made.

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