RICH REVIEWS: The Magnanimous Inventions of Ben & Mike

Title: The Magnanimous Inventions of Ben & Mike (Preview)
Publisher: Warrior Innkeeper Creative Kids
Words: Benny Jack K.
Art/Cover by: Paul Johnson
Created by: Benjamin J. Kreger with Paul Johnson
Price: free online
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Its Dec. 2, 1752. A gremlin wakes up Ben Franklin to go fly a kite. Well flying that kite leads to a few things happening. The first of which is a shocking experience for Ben.
The gremlin does have a sense of humor. It is written sublimely. But it will make you smile slightly.
The art is for a younger audience and the story is simple enough kids can follow it. It does look a bit messy.
Mike the gremlin is a cute character and the way he and Ben interact is fun. Ben and Mike do make an interesting team.
The story does mix mythology and science with good effect.

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