RICH REVIEWS: The Loud House # 8 “Livin’ La Casa Loud!”

Title: The Loud House # 8 “Livin’ La Casa Loud!”
Publisher: Papercutz
Writers: Ronda Pattison, Derek Fridolfs, Hannah Watanbe-Rocco, Brian Smith, Andrew Brooks, Angela Entzminger
Artists: Ronda Pattison, Daniela Rodriquez, Angela Zhang, Isaiah Kim, Chris Sabatino, Erin Hyde, Gizelle Orbino, Melissa Kleynowski, Zazo Agular, Kelsey Wooley, Ivy Jordan, Suzannah Rowntree, Way Singleton
Colorists: Ronda Pattison, Daniela Rodriquez, Angela Zhang, Zazo Agular
Letterers: Wilson Ramos Jr.
Price: $ 12.99 US (Hardcover), $ 7.99 US (Paperback)
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Lincoln wants to go to the circus only to realize he lives in one. The art is so fun looking. His family is one wild bunch.
Lincoln comes up with the perfect place to keep an after school snack so it stays his. He does use his brain here to come up with a no brainer.
Lola and Leni Loud sisters work together showing sisters can create something beautiful. It is the love they share for each other.
Do not forget to feed your pets. You do not want them feeding themselves. Or getting upset with you.
Luan and her friend Benjamin do have fun together. Here we see what true friendship is. The art is beautifully done. The Mecha’s all look great.
The Casagrande’s and Lincoln have a wonderful time in the city seeing the sites as they want to. Lincoln’s two girlfriends are drawn cute. All the characters are cute and fun to see.
A couple of pages are missing.
Casagrande’s family is a big family and they have big fun. Booby and Ronnie brother and sister spend some loving time bonding.
This is a fun comic that will make you smile.:

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