RICH REVIEWS: The Lighthouse

Title: The Lighthouse (GN)
Publisher: NBM
Creator/Writer/Artist: Paco Roca
Translated by: Jeff Whitman
Lettering by: Ortho
Price: $15.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A young soldier is wondering away from the war. There is very little talking at times in this book. The coloring is black and white with shading that really adds so much to the page. The art is solid nicely drawn and the lines flow so smoothly.
Telmo the lighthouse keeper found Francisco at sea with a head would near drowned. Telmo’s personality is one that shows he is full of life.
The two characters Telmo and Francisco are captivating.
Telmo is not what he seems. The lighthouse he mans is nonoperational and has been for a while. Telmo though is a good man.
The story flows along so nicely as the tale is told. The lighthouse does shine a light on people’s lives. Its light does give life.

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