RICH REVIEWS: The Last Shadowhawk # 1

Title: The Last Shadowhawk # 1 (One Shot)
Publisher: Image Comics
Story, Pencils: Philip Tan
Inks: Daniel Henriques
Colors: Federico Blee
Letters: Todd Tochioka
Script: Brian H & Jim V
Old and in the Way: Jim Valentino
Covers: Philip Tan, Daniel Henriques, Federico Blee; Jim Vamentino, Philip Tan, Brian Haberlin; Bill Seinkiewicz; Jim Valentino, Rob Liefeld, Brett Evans; Jim Valentino, Chance Wolf, Jimmie Robinson; Montage; Blank (White); Blank (Black)
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: Shadowhawk may be dying as he thinks about what is happening and he fights Rache a man out for revenge. Rache is a big powerhouse of a man. He has trained his whole life for this moment. As these two battle the setting where they are battling keeps changing. Rache feels he is right in what he is doing and in a way he is. Shadowhawk did go to far with his father and with others as well.
We learn in the past there have been many other Shadowhawks that fought for justice as well. The current Shadowhawk who now fights may have been to brutal. We see the Gods and Goddesses who had something to do with there being all these Shadowhawks.
Shadowhawk is tired and just wants to rest and have peace. He gets it and it is well deserved he did the best he could. You will feel sorrow for him. He finally gets to just lay down and rest.
The front of the book has tons of variant covers and the back has lots of pin-up art. There is one of Shadowhawk’s mask that is just breathtaking. It jumps right out of the page as you see it. It is a masterpiece of art.

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