RICH REVIEWS: The Huntsman # 1

Title: The Huntsman # 1
Publisher: Heroic Publishing
Story: Steve Perrin
Pencils: Pete McDonnel
Inks: Jim Janes, Jeff Albrecht
Letters: Carrie Spiegle, Jean Simek
Colors: Mike Worley, Janice Cohen
Price: $ 9.50 US, $ 11.50 Can
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: A son returns home to his father to join his business. Don Hunter is now ex military. Now at his dad’s business there is funny business going on. Building 5 may hold the answers. Don decides to go undercover so the Huntsman is born. Not to imaginative an origin. It is a very simple origin.
The men inside the business are from the Demon. The Demon runs an evil organization. The Huntsman gets into some hard hitting fights which are well illustrated to bring out the excitement of them.
An Eternity Smith Crossover Preview with Annie and Boomer starring in “One Night in Dallas”. Story by Dennis Mallonee, pencils by Keith Tucker, inks by Tim Burgard, letters Carrie Spiegle and colors Janice Cohen. Annie and Boomer find themselves investigating a murder. The man they are after is more than just a man. He is a mystery although he does seem to be a bit of a play on the Joker. It is an interesting story though with excitement and characters you will want to know more about.
The first two chapters of the origin of the Huntsman are featured in this issue. His character is a hard hitting super-hero who fights for his dad and their company.

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