RICH REVIEWS: The Hard Code # 2

Title: The Hard Code # 2
Publisher: Scifies
Story by: Ramon Gil
Pencils by: Trevor Von Eeden
Inks by: Lui Antonio
Cover by: Norm Llag
Colors by: Marcarena Cortes
Lettering & Production by: Ramon Gil
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: Great outer space visuals. Here we get a look back at the War. The Internet tried to conquer the planet Earth and the androids fought against it a hundred years ago.
Present Drake and Garcia two cops in a semi-relationship seem like an unlikely pair yet they work well together.
Tensions are running high between androids and humans. Allegra the first android comes onboard to work with the two cops. She is illustrated as a beautiful female android.
Drake has been a cop for thirty years and when it comes to androids and humans, it is nice to see that, police officers are loyal to their own kind no matter whether they are flesh and blood or circuits. This is refreshing to see.
“The Origin of the Bee” Story by Ramon Gil, art by Roy Allan Martinez and colors by Macarena Cortes. The Bee is a strongly focused hero who is ready to battle crime. The Wasp is a criminal ready to rob banks. These two were made for each other and made to have the reader wanting to see them fight. In this short story though you only get the prelim but no battle. The art looks amazingly beautiful and hard-edged.

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