RICH REVIEWS: The Hard Code # 1

Title: The Hard Code # 1
Publisher: Scifies
Story by: Ramon Gil
Art by: Trevor Von Eeden
Cover by: Norm Llag
Colors by: Marcarena Cortes
Lettering & Production by: Ramon Gil
Price: $ 3.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: A human Garcia and an android Drake are cops and partners. Now they get a case which may change the way the world looks at androids. The coloring is used to let you know who the androids are and it works. The faces could use more detail and the art at times is to darkly colored.
Garcia and Drake are partners in work and something more than friends but less than in love, maybe?
One android does what none should be able to. This has Garcia and Drake called in to investigate.
You get the idea that some androids are not treated very nicely by humans. The androids are having a change in programming.
Drake and Garcia are on a case that is getting bigger and bigger. Yet they both still keep a sense of humor. These two do prove humans and androids can work together.
“Continuity” Story by Joey Gil and art by Ramon Gil. This is an interesting theory on what happens when you teleport. It does make sense which is scary. The art looks good and the characters fit right in with the story.

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