RICH REVIEWS: The Handmaid’s Tale

Title: The Handmaid’s Tale (GN)
Publisher: McClelland & Stewart
Writer: Margaret Atwood
Art & Adaptation: Renee Nault
Price: $ 22.95 US
Rating:  4 out of 5 stars
Comments: This story takes place in a time and place that is different then what your used to. In this world Handmaids are a necessity.
The way the comic is written it seems to have religious overtures. The way things are run they appear soulless. The idea is to serve in the role you are assigned.
The art is sublime with the colors used so beautifully. The characters seem calm and quite yet there is a lot going on.
We follow a nameless Handmaid through her days as she leads a life that seems pathetic but it is forced upon her. She accepts her fate. All the people you see have a role to play in this society.
This society reveals around women having babies.
There is a lot of reminiscing about the past and you can see how much things have changed.
You will feel pity for this Handmaid. She is so strong and does what she needs to to survive.
Canada is mentioned as a safe place outside of the attitudes of this society that treats women as objects.
This book will have you feeling for the women who suffer through such abysmal treatment.
Having the Handmaid’s name never mentioned is a nice touch that lets you know she is not the only one suffering, that her suffering is the suffering of so many others.
This society is a sad statement of a possible future that we can only hope never comes to exist.

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