RICH REVIEWS: The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall # 1 (Preview)

Title: The Dusk County Chronicles: Nightfall # 1 (Preview)
Writer/Letterer: Joel Rodriguez
Artist/Cover Artist: Roman Gubskii
Variant Covers by: Ryan M. Kincaid, Riccardo Faccini
Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Comments: This twelve-page preview starts off with a horrific scene of terror. The art delivers a shock as you read this book.
Lori Evans is in Dusk County looking for her missing sister. It is easy to see something sinister is going on in this town. People are going missing. Lori knows something is going on to. What can be done is the question but is there an answer?
This preview does draw you in but it is to short to fully hook you. The actual full length comic if it continues in this style will be well worth picking up. Just be careful it does not grab you.

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