RICH REVIEWS: The Dusk County Chronicles # 2

Title: The Dusk County Chronicles # 2
Publisher: Metal Ninja Studios
Writer/Letterer: Joel Rodriguez
Artist/Cover Artist: Roman Gubskii
Variant Covers by: Lance Footer, Criss Madd, Walter Ostlie
Price: $ 4.99 US
Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Comments: “A Mother’s Love
A babysitter does want to protect her charges and she does go to great lengths to do so. The only question is who should she be protecting them from. The art has a nice weird touch to it making the characters seem other worldly.
Dogs do have good senses about things and about people. Niki now is a dog who finds himself in a situation that he handles well. Those around him do not do as well. The creature art is a bit disturbing.
No Longer
Imagine the Hat in the Cat meets Alice in Wonderland with a dark twist as they meet Nightmare on Elm Street. All these combining are guaranteed to be the stuff of the weirdest nightmare ever. The art delivers that same dark weirdest as well.
The Toy Box
Even a toy store especially in Dusk County can be a thing of fear. Also stepping through a door you never know what you will find on the other side.
Turn Back
Entering Dusk County should be more than enough to get you to turn back and leave it if your smart if not good luck your going to need it.
These are twisted dark tales of weird horror that will touch your dark heart or rip it out.

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